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 Why we love what we do

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Our Story....

Who Are We?

Stephenae’ aka Steph is the leader and overachiever is the face and Co-Owner of Trendsetters Clothing.

How'd She Get Her Name?

Her style and energy represents a person who leads the way in fashion and fresh ideas. She promotes positive vibes that becomes contagious amongst those around her.

How'd She Get Her Shop?

Stephenae’ is raised by parents who are leaders and entrepreneurs. She has always been a leader full of character and zeal with her own style and trends. Not long ago Steph was introduced to a local designer by her dad and decided at that moment that she wanted to start her own brand. And from that foundation “Trendsetters” was birthed.

What We Offer?

We provide fashion trendy enough to make a statement and affordable enough for all worldwide. Trends are catered to teenagers like Steph but diverse enough for all ages.

What We Stand For?

Trendsetters believe that exposure of a positive lifestyle to young people shows them that they are able to reach their dreams. We believe that young people can be whatever they want to be while being Trendsetters and looking fly. Our ultimate goal is to enclave esteem, build character and promote entrepreneurship.

Trendsetters Logo.png
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